Even More (.)New Stuff from Google

Last October, I posted a Tech Tip called A (Dot) New Way to Google in which I showcased Google’s shortcuts to start new Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites and Forms. For example, simply entering docs.new into your browser’s address bar will create a new Google Doc. They are very cool timesavers!

Now Google Calendar and Google Keep have gotten into the action!

Simply go to cal.new or meeting.new to create a new Google Calendar event. Add your title, choose options and presto – new event! Super easy!


For Google Keep, you can use note.new, notes.new or keep.new to create a new Google Keep note.

Remember these shortcuts and you will never be far away from a new note or calendar item.

My colleague John M-P takes it even further by creating a New menu in his bookmarks bar that holds all the .new links. 

I hope I gave you a couple (.)new shortcuts (see what I did there?) to simplify your life.