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Flippity.net Update

If you haven’t heard about flippity.net, this is one awesome tool. Flippity allows you to ...
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Spring Cleaning for Your Google Classroom 🧹

It’s hard to believe that we are almost to the end of another school year! ...
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What’s trending? Find out with Google Trends

At the end of the year, many teachers are looking for ideas for a student ...
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Schooling You on Google Scholar

If you’ve taken Northern Buckeye’s Google Certified Educator Level 2 cohort, you’ve learned about Google ...
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All the Pretty Colors!

At Northern Buckeye, I’m the design guru among our team. We often joke about “Chris-ifying” ...
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Is your font choice harming your students?

Here is a sobering statistic: How do we address this problem? One way is in ...
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