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Collaborate with Email

This was a tip that I learned at this year’s ITIP Ohio Google Summit – ...
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Chris at ITIP Google Summit

I will be presenting this week at the ITIP Google Summit at Kalahari. Hope you ...
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Send Email Later with Scheduled Send

In a Tech Tip from 2019, John wrote about the awesome snooze feature in Gmail ...
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Appointment Schedules – Coming Soon to Google Calendar!

Currently, Google Calendar has a feature called Appointment Slots. Using this feature, you can set ...
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Love Wordle? Try Factle!

I’m a big fan of the puzzle game Wordle. If you haven’t played it (really?!), you ...
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Counting Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Way back in 2018, Kim introduced you to a new Google Sheets feature called checkboxes ...
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