FORGET THE MOVIE! Need something ENGAGING to do with your students before winter break? ❄️ ⛄

Teachers… you’ve almost made it. For most of you, this is the last week before the holiday break. Usually, this week is filled with holiday parties, concerts, watching movies, and more. It’s often hard to keep kids focused on academics this week. 

Instead of watching the same old movie with your class, how about doing a digital BreakoutEdu?

While BreakoutEdu offers a paid platform, they do have some free breakout challenges that don’t require a subscription. As part of this, there are some great holiday breakouts for all age groups.

Just visit BreakoutEdu’s platform page… this link will take you to a listing of all of their holiday/winter-themed Breakouts. Simply look for any Breakout that’s listed as Digital, and that does not say Locked – those are the free ones. (I’ve put links to each of the free ones below).

You’ll need to either create an account or sign-in with Google to access the Breakout. Once you open one, there will be a few sections to take note of:

The STORY section is the background that you will share with your students. Every game needs a good story. The next is the LOCK COMBINATIONS… these are the answers and you DON’T want to share these with your kiddos. The last section is the GAME EXPLANATION which shows you how the game works.

To play the game, just hit the button. Then there will be a series of locks that the students have to solve in order to break out.

Hopefully, your students will be engaged, excited, using those 4Cs and BREAK OUT!


Available FREE Holiday Breakouts



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