Shared with Me in Google Drive

Have you wondered what the “Shared with me” item is in Google Drive? This is a repository of all folders and files that have been shared with you by others, as well as files shared with a link that you have opened.


Files in Shared with me are organized with the most recent one first. You can see the following information for each file:

  • When the file was shared with you.
  • The owner of the file.
  • The document type.


You aren’t able to organize your files in Shared with Me, so if you want to put files into folders and move them around, you need to add files to your Drive instead. To add a file, right-click on it, and then choose “Add to My Drive”


A couple of more Shared with Me tips:

  • If you delete a file from your Shared with Me, it does not delete the original file (the owner still owns it). 
  • If the owner removes your access to the file for some reason, the file will disappear from both Shared with Me and your Drive.





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