Sneaky students? There’s a keyboard shortcut for that.

We’ve got a super quick, but very helpful tip for you today. This tip comes from Linda Hummer at Patrick Henry Local Schools.

Do you have issues with students being where they shouldn’t be when using their Chomebooks? Ever go over to a student and they quickly close whatever they are doing? This keyboard shortcut is for you.

Simply hit those keys together and the previously closed window is instantly opened. You can even press this key combination repeatedly to open even more previously closed tabs.

This works on Windows machines and Chromebooks using the Chrome browser. It also works in most modern web browsers including Safari and Firefox, if you use those. On a Mac computer, you’ll need to substitute the Command key for Control.

Simple tip, but a great help for teachers!

Thanks again to Linda Hummer for this tip. If you’d like to send us a handy tip to be used in the future, please email me.