Google Meet inside Google Classroom!

As school building closures continue throughout Ohio, many teachers are using videoconferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet to connect virtually with their students. Google announced some new features last week, including the ability to manage Meet from within Google Classroom.

From Google’s blog:

Educators can create a unique Meet link for each class, which is displayed on the Classroom Stream and Classwork pages. The link acts as a dedicated meeting space for each class, making it easy for both teachers and students to join.

The Meet links created by the Classroom integration are nicknamed meetings. For education users, participants can’t rejoin nicknamed meetings once the final participant has left, unless they have meeting creation privileges to start a new meeting. This means if the instructor is the last person to leave a nicknamed meeting, students can’t join again until an instructor restarts the nicknamed meeting.

Here’s an animation that shows the process of creating a Meet link within Classroom:

This is a great update for Google Meet and one that more tightly integrates Meet and Classroom. It also solves some of the shortcomings of Google Meet, mainly students being able to re-enter a meeting after the teacher ends it.

Read the rest of the blog entry – it’s worth it. If you need more help, check out Google’s Teach from Home site, or reach out to us to schedule a virtual coaching session.

Bonus Tip: Use the Google Meet Enhancements extension for things like grid view, push-to-talk and more.