Google Meet has a new “green room” feature!

If you’ve been teaching remotely, you’ve probably done a bunch of Google Meets or Zoom calls. Have you ever wondered how you look and sound to your participants? This is now very easy, assuming you’re using Google Meet. Check out the new “green room” feature which makes it easier to check everything is working properly, and you look presentable, before you actually join a video meeting.

You can access this feature before joining a meeting. Just click the “Check your audio and video button.”

This will open the “green room,” where you can choose your microphone, speaker and camera.

Click next, and you’ll be prompted to record a short clip to preview your audio and video.

Then, play back the clip to make sure your audio and video works properly. Google will give you green check marks if everything is good to go.

This is a quick and easy feature that will allow you to look and sound your best in your next Google Meet!