Flippity.net Update

If you haven’t heard about flippity.net, this is one awesome tool. Flippity allows you to create all sorts of cool things with a spreadsheet. Think word searches, bingo games, interactive spelling lists, flash cards, name pickers, scavenger hunts, and the list goes on and on.

I was presenting on this awesome tool at the G-Tech Summit earlier this month and I had all sorts of issues when it came to live demos. I chalked it up to internet issues, but it is more than that. This is directly from the developer:

Flippity code was broken as an unintended consequence of a recent Google security upgrade. I am currently trying to identify and apply a fix. It will likely be weeks before Flippity is functional again.

Basically, Google severed the connection between Sheets (which Flippity uses as its back-end) and Flippity. The developer (Steve) has been working to fix the issue and will hopefully be bringing the tools back on line in order of popularity.

All is not lost though. Flippity already had a dozen activities that did not require a Google Sheet and those are unaffected.

Steve says that it will likely be weeks, not days before Flippity works properly again. He is the only Flippity “employee” and is himself a teacher, so this is not the best timing for him.

Just wanted to provide an update. Hope this awesome tool comes back better than ever!