Love Wordle? Try Factle!

I’m a big fan of the puzzle game Wordle. If you haven’t played it (really?!), you have six chances to guess a five letter word. Wordle was developed by a Welsh software engineer named Josh Wardle. He sold his little puzzle game to the New York Times for a seven-figure sum!

Wordle’s success has spawned a ton of copycat games. My new favorite is Factle. Factle is the “unofficial trivia based version of Wordle.” The concept is simple: put facts in order. Whether it’s the highest paid sports figure, the countries with the largest population, or the biggest vegetable exports, it’s been done in Factle. 

Let me walk you through one to show you how it works. The first screen shows you how to play. If you’ve played Wordle, you know how it works. Next, you’re given a category. This one is the First 5 Elements on Periodic Table. Seems easy, right?

Here’s my first two sets of guesses. Remember that the yellow is in the answer, but in the wrong place. I thought Helium was element #1, but I remembered it was Hydrogen. I got lucky guessing Boron as #5.

Here’s guess 3 and 4. I’m getting there.

I did know the correct answer, but I purposely got it wrong to show you that when you miss it, the correct answers populate in blue.

Then you’re taken to a screen that shows you your stats. I will say that I don’t find this to always be accurate. Wordle is much better in that regard.

Like Wordle, there is only one Factle puzzle per day. Unlike Wordle, you only get five tries. I occasionally think that if I had one more guess, I’d figure it out. 

WordleFactle and the NY Times Mini Crossword are my three daily brain workouts. I love doing them right before work begins. It really starts my day with my brain ready to go. Hope you enjoy them too!