No more Remind texts for Verizon customers

Remind – the secure text-messaging service used by thousands of teachers to communicate with students and parents has announced that they are going to discontinue text messaging for those who use Verizon Wireless.

The reason for this change is that Verizon has increased the fee it charges Remind to deliver text messages to its customers. Even though parents and students opt-in to the messages, Verizon will now be classifying them as Spam and charging Remind an extra fee (making each text 11 times more expensive).

So, text messages will no longer be delivered to Verizon customers beginning on January 28th.

This news only affects Verizon customers who receive actual text messages from Remind. If parents and students have the app, the in-app push notifications, as well as the email notifications will still work. However, those without smartphones who use Verizon will be affected. Please encourage your parents and students to download the iPhone app or Android app and enable push notifications so that they will not miss any messages.

I have been asked if there are other similar services to Remind. While there are, how long until they suffer the same fate at the hands of Verizon?

Educators have a powerful voice. Remind has been there for so many educators and offered these services for free. If you are so inclined, Remind has a page where you can get contact information to call Verizon Wireless and express your displeasure about this fee. At the very least, you can tweet @Verizon and tell them that Remind messages are #NotSpam and ask them to #ReverseTheFee.



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