Check out the new creation tools in Google Earth! ?

Google added some new creation tools to Google Earth in late 2019. This new Projects feature allows you to create and share virtual tours that incorporate videos, photos, and text. This looks like it will replace the Tour Builder beta.

The video trailer below shows how these new features can be used.

Start by creating your project and adding locations.

Now add photos and videos.
You can add photos and videos for students to view when they visit that location. You can also add a summary about this location (or just use the information that Google provides). Then change the icon to describe your location, if you so choose.

Share Your Project
Change the Sharing Settings to allow people with the link to see and/or collaborate on your project!

How could this be useful in your classroom? Think outside the box. Google Earth is not just for social studies. How can you use this in language arts, math, science?


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