? Merry Tech-Mas ?

I love the holiday season! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just the winter season, I know that the kiddos get a little, shall we say crazy?, this time of the year. It’s hard to keep their attention on things like math and social studies when it’s almost break. It’s time for you to get creative to engage your kiddos with more than just a series of movies.

I’d like to share with you some holiday-themed activities and tools that will get you in the sprit of the holiday season and hopefully get your students more engaged.

First up, Nicole DeGidio, a HS English/K-12 ESL & 6-12 Instructional and Technology Coach at Clayton Ridge Schools in Iowa, has created an awesome Google Slides presentation called The 12 Days of Tech-Mas. Not only does she include some great tech tools, but she includes tons of ideas for using the tools with your students.

For example, she suggests using remove.bg to remove the backgrounds of photos. Great tool. But then she also includes these ideas for photo projects.

Check out Nicole’s other tools by getting the¬†The 12 Days of Tech-Mas¬†Google Slides presentation.

The always awesome Eric Curts has some great fun activities for the winter too. Check out his post: 8 Googley Wintertime Activities for Kids. In it, he has cool ideas such as Wintertime Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings, Holiday Greeting Cards with Google Drawings, “12 Days of Christmas” Guided Google Sheets Math Activity, Pixel Art Ornaments with Google Sheets, and more.

(He’s in a festive mood!)

So take a break from the holiday movies in the classroom and give your students some fun activities to engage them in these final days before break.

Happy Holidays!