Split Text to Columns Easily

Sometimes the simplest features can be the lifesavers! Today’s tip is no different.

Have you ever had a list of names or other data that need split? In my example, I have a roster of students’ full names. This is not ideal, because I’d like to have them split by first and last so I can sort and perform other operations.

Previously, you would have to use something like the Power Tools add-on. I LOVED this add-on, but alas, it’s no longer free. But don’t fret… because this feature is now built-in to Google Sheets!

Here’s how it works:

Take a spreadsheet with a list of names or other data in a single column.

Highlight all the data.

Then from the Data menu, select Split Text to Columns.

Then, at the bottom, there will be a spot to choose the separator. For this, I’ll choose Space.

Voila! Your text is now in two columns, separated at the space.

Hopefully, you’ll find this as useful as I did. It’s fast, easy, and most of all FREE!


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